Surviving Google PANDA update

Your website and its position in search engines is central to the success of your online marketing.

    As of 24th Feb 2011, a major update by Google on how it ranks sites has affected 12% of search results and halved many sites’ visitor numbers. Named the Farmer or Panda Update it’s only affecting US Google results as I write but if you’re outside the US it is coming to you soon. Here’s how to find out if you have already been hit, are going to be and what to do about it.


1. the increasing importance of original content


Prior to Google Panda, most Autoblog only need to install some plugin to work automatically and get good rankings and traffic, such as more people use wprobot, as long as the template is set up automatic updates. But Panda appears, sandbox, or down the right for this type of sites, and such extension has been no, my good friends so I suggest that this plug-in can be used to make garbage stations Union.


Anyway, original content is becoming increasingly important, it means that the original article service may have a degree of rise, because Google likes originality, resulting in the article service prices, cost also means that the article will grow. Both the trade and the auto blog, original article is necessary, whether it is someone to write or write-back of the costs is essential. Although you might not be willing to pay those costs, but I think not so generous in this regard.


2.Panda algorithms become more balanced


In previous SEO, link building is considered a very important thing, Panda appears, SEO no one more highlight detail is conducive to rank, Google would prefer a website everything is balanced, including updating frequency, the frequency of links, rather than just focus on one aspect of the building.


Age is not the most important


Before the advent of the Panda, we tend to find a lot of page age, or relatively long domain name age rankings throughout the Home, and is very stable. But after algorithm changes, why does this page also began to retreat into the second page or site, Web design, content, links, and they are not or no longer updated, so page domain age and age is no longer the standard, but is not without value, "depreciation".


EDU and GOV links have been "down right"


This type of link is outside the chain hot topic, why is hot, because this type of link popularity is not high, it is a challenge to get this type of link, and weights in their algorithm before this link is also high, so get a lot of seoer of all ages. But Panda appears, this kind of link it is clear down the right, 1th because such links can also be a lot of SPAM, a lot of comment spam, spam content; second, because Google is more like linkweel and outside the chain of diversity, we need "health", as well as "healthy" chain against the chain. But this EDU and GOV are not entirely without effect, the same "devaluation", so I don't pay much attention to.