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Surviving Google PANDA update

    As of 24th Feb 2011, a major update by Google on how it ranks sites has affected 12% of search results and halved many sites’ visitor numbers. Named the Farmer or Panda Update it’s only affecting US Google results as I write but if you’re outside the US it is coming to you soon. Here’s how to find out if you have already been hit, are going to be and what to do about it.


1. the increasing importance of original content


Prior to Google Panda, most Autoblog only need to install some plugin to work automatically and get good rankings and traffic, such as more people use wprobot, as long as the template is set up automatic updates. But Panda appears, sandbox, or down the right for this type of sites, and such extension has been no, my good friends so I suggest that this plug-in can be used to make garbage stations Union.


Anyway, original content is becoming increasingly important, it means that the original article service may have a degree of rise, because Google likes originality, resulting in the article service prices, cost also means that the article will grow. Both the trade and the auto blog, original article is necessary, whether it is someone to write or write-back of the costs is essential. Although you might not be willing to pay those costs, but I think not so generous in this regard.


2.Panda algorithms become more balanced


In previous SEO, link building is considered a very important thing, Panda appears, SEO no one more highlight detail is conducive to rank, Google would prefer a website everything is balanced, including updating frequency, the frequency of links, rather than just focus on one aspect of the building.


Age is not the most important


Before the advent of the Panda, we tend to find a lot of page age, or relatively long domain name age rankings throughout the Home, and is very stable. But after algorithm changes, why does this page also began to retreat into the second page or site, Web design, content, links, and they are not or no longer updated, so page domain age and age is no longer the standard, but is not without value, "depreciation".


EDU and GOV links have been "down right"


This type of link is outside the chain hot topic, why is hot, because this type of link popularity is not high, it is a challenge to get this type of link, and weights in their algorithm before this link is also high, so get a lot of seoer of all ages. But Panda appears, this kind of link it is clear down the right, 1th because such links can also be a lot of SPAM, a lot of comment spam, spam content; second, because Google is more like linkweel and outside the chain of diversity, we need "health", as well as "healthy" chain against the chain. But this EDU and GOV are not entirely without effect, the same "devaluation", so I don't pay much attention to.


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Counting SEO hot topics

1. Move to new server is  impact on rankings?

Official response: in principle, it will not. Unless the new server is too bad, usually access failures or server is  moved  from China to foreign countries, which are likely to be harmonized.

Website notice:

(1) frequently within a short time to change domains,or swap between the secondary domain,and second-level domains, URL rules change frequently, and so on;


(2) without setting a 301 jump between new and old Web pages or within a very short space of time stopped 301 jump;


(3) the old page cannot be accessed within a short time;


(4) the submitted website without AdSense platform or submitted for a long time after.


Under normal circumstances, website on its performance in the search engines will produce a couple of losses, when these issues arise, it will magnify this loss, this is our webmasters and site owners do not want to see, therefore, I hope that webmasters:


(1) caution, website, believed to be necessary for cases;


(2) 301 jump between old and new website definitely relationship and the relationship between old and new content and jump for a while until the new Web crawling, recording and sorting to a relatively stable and in good condition;


(3) when you are prepared for the website please login webmaster platform website tool to submit relevant data.


2. gzip compression on the Web site of the site collection and the weights are not affected?


Official reply: gzip for intake and weight has no effect. Impact on the search engine only, crawler speed fast. Contrary is currently being promoted, fast Web site available to more users and search engines favor and station platforms encourage webmasters to use gzip compression tuning recommendations, enhance website speeds.


3. analysis of CSS style sheets and identify whether Baidu can crawl?


Official response: Baidu is able to crawl and analyze the CSS.


4. the website is been black led to k station on how to handle?


Description: site 9.19 in malicious attacks, it is added to a lot of bad information, Baidu afterwards. Site staff cleaned up that information in a timely manner, but Baidu 10.17 k site. Formal site for industrial classes, and no record of cheating. How to handle?


Official response: after malicious hackers attacked Web sites, insert a lot of cheating in your Web site content. Hackers insert bad information as soon as possible and returns 404 code when Baiduspider crawl this content, so that we can quickly find the site has returned to normal.

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Website SEO Report

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means properly analyzing your "keyword" and work in a targeted way by following search

engine guidelines. But Practically Analyzing is called "SEO EXPERT ADVICE"

Why I need an SEO Report?

There are so many SEO and Web Designing Companies working on SEO's now a days.


How will you know that they are really a professional in SEO and will they provide you a right SEO Report?

How you will track there SEO Working for your website?

Every day on the Internet, over 1 billion searches are conducted worldwide for a whole range of things. How much of that traffic are you getting?

Search engines rank websites according to hundreds of different factors. These factors, when combined, are known as the search engines 'algorithms'. The more your site coding matches these algorithms, the higher your site will rank for your preferred keywords.

Using your preferred keywords as a starting point, we will do a thorough website assessment and provide you with a complete report on changes you should make to your site to better suit the search engine's algorthims.



- Highly Traffic KEYWORDS List related to your keyword.

- Compair Your Keyword with Your Competitors Websites.

- Analyzing Keywords Repetitions to avoid spamming in the content and meta tags with required number of keywords.

- How to analyse duplicate content writing for your website.

- Providing your competitors Meta Tags Information

If you will choosing any unprofessional SEO COMPANY then it will waste both TIME AND MONEY. That's why you have to take care of your website itself by monitoring the working of SEO Companies. and it will only done by a professional seo reports.

Every SEO Company doing following:


 - Directory Submission

 - Article Submission

 - Blog Submission

 - Comment Submission

 - Social Media Submission

 - RSS Submission

 - Sitemap Submission

 - PAD Submission

 - Classified Submission

 - Search Engine Submission

 - Link Exchange etc.

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Find Similar Websites to Your Favourite Website


There must have been times when you visit a website, like it and want to explore more sites on that topic. Now, the conventional way of doing this would involve in-depth googling about the topic, searching multiple pages of results, but without any guaranteed result. What we would want is someone who can give us the list of websites which share a common topic or which are broadly similar to other websites. There are sites which are dedicated for this purpose, and MoreSitesLike is one of them, which can be very handy.

As the name suggests, helps you find similar websites to your favorite websites that you visit often. As mentioned, using normal search may return you with a result or two, but is not likely to be as effective as presenting you with a list of such websites.

There is more than a reason to find similar websites to your topic of choice! From a blogger’s point of view, you should be looking to expand your horizon and gain more knowledge on that subject. With this, you come to know about blogs you probably never heard of before and thus you may find useful information that is closely related to your blog. You are bound to find new topics that you can add to your blog.

Secondly, this can make you aware about competitors in your niche. As a blogger, this is important since you get to know more people and expand your links. With this also comes the possibility of increasing traffic to your blog.

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Jetstar-AirAsia alliance to influence narrowbody design

The newly-formed Jetstar-AirAsia alliance hopes to influence the future design of narrowbody aircraft to better fit the needs of low-cost operations in Asia.

"Aircraft are generally designed for full-service carriers, what we need is an aircraft designed for low-cost carriers in Asia," says AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes.

He believes aircraft design can be enhanced to reflect the stresses on aircraft that are particular to low-cost operations, particularly regarding fuel savings and reliability issues. A solution, he adds, could be for manufacturers develop separate types of narrowbody aircraft for low cost carriers and full service carriers.

Reducing costs through better purchasing power and design influence over new narrowbody aircraft are the key features of Jetstar and AirAsia's new non-equity airline alliance, which the carriers announced today.

The alliance believes collective purchasing during the next round of narrowbody aircraft orders will deliver significant savings. "The AirAsia name carries a lot of clout," says Fernandes.

He also believes the alliance's purchasing power could be used beyond narrowbody aircraft. "There are no reasons why this can't be extended to includes widebodies as we both have Airbus A330s," he says.

Jetstar chief executive Bruce Buchanan says that the partners have identified "many hundreds of millions of dollars of cost saving opportunities", but admitted most of this would come from aircraft design and purchase initiatives.

Other savings will come from agreements to cooperate on the provision of passenger and ground handling in Australia and within Asia at overlapping airports, and will pool inventory for aircraft components and spare parts. They will jointly procure engineering and maintenance supplies and services, with Jetstar saying that it will maintain its existing use of and commitment to Australian facilities. The alliance is also looking at the joint purchase of fuel.

Finally, there will be reciprocal arrangements for passenger management. This will allow them to support passenger disruptions and recovery onto the other airline's service across both of their networks.

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Top 5 free SERP checker tool

Recently I was reading an interesting post on SEOMoz on Click Through Rates in Google SERPs for Different Types of Queries.The author had built a database of 14,507 queries(product queries, general queries & brand queries), their CRTs and average positions.He has shown that for a particular keyword if your blog is even on 10th position then you will have 10% CTR.

So all you need is to secure top 10 position for most of your keywords.But before that you need to know actual current position of your keywords.You can easily understand that you can never secure top 10 position for all of your keywords.Because for some keywords competition will be too tough to beat or it will take huge time.But for some keywords you can easily secure top 10 or even top 3 position.So once you know how your blog is ranking for your targeted keywords on search engines and how tough competition is for those keywords then you can easily have an idea which keywords to focus more.If you spend some decent time on off page SEO of these keywords then you can definitely secure better SERP for those keywords.

So first thing first.These 5 tools will help you to find SERP of your keywords.You need such a tool that will give you the ability to search from different data centers of Google.Because your keywords will have different SERP for different data-centers.

1)Whats My SERP-

This is one of the best free online SERP checker tool.You can choose different Google servers to check your SERP for different keywords.One good feature of this tool is that it shows top 10 results for that keyword.So you can easily assume the competition for that keyword.Another very important feature of this SERP checker tool is that it measures your keyword performance over a period.So when you check SERP for that keyword on a later period you can easily know current SERP ,previous SERP and also best SERP of that keyword.

2)Search Position Finder-

Search position finder is another free SERP finder tool.The best feature of this tool is its simplified just have to provide your site URL and keyword to get SERP. But one problem of this tool is that you can not search from different data-centers of Google.

3)SERP Rank-

You can get SERP of your keywords for Google,Yahoo,Bing at the same time using this tool.You can also check for multiple keywords at the same time.

4)What Page of Search Am I On -

This SERP checker tool gives you the ability to check SERP for multiple keywords simultaneously.Another cool feature is you can choose different data centers of Google.But to check your SERP you have to give particular article URL instead of site URL which is not good.

5)Search Engine Ranking-

This free SERP checker tool by Mike checks for only top 10 (Google), top 50 (Yahoo!), top 10 (Bing) position for your given keyword.So if your blog ranks more than that you will not be able to track that using this tool.You can also see your SERP search history using this tool.

What of these free SERP checker tools are your favorite?Do you use any other tool to check your SERP? Share with us.

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Google Have Changed Its Rules, Did This Affect Your Online Business?

Did you know that traffic generation from a SEO operation doesn't work anymore because Google has changed? The changes just happened in the last few months on Google. In order to make the most money you need to understand these changes.

Why should I make SEO priority? In one month 6.7 billion searches were done on search engines. Every day motivated buyers use search engines to find and buy products online. Over 200 million searches per day are made through Google. That is an immense amount of traffic.

If you can learn how to make high google page rank then you will increase quality traffic to your website. Superior rankings equal quality targeted traffic. If you don t get this traffic then your competitors will scoop it up.

How much money are you losing if you don't have a high Google search engine ranking? How much of this money has your competitor snatched?

How can you flood your website with high quality, responsive traffic for free? The answer is search engine optimization. The purpose of SEO is to improve your ranking in the search engine results. A superior ranking in the major search engines is the best way to bring quality visitors to your website.

Google is the top search engine. You can also use Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Two types of SEO:
1.) On page optimization.
This is SEO that you do right on your website. You modify code directly on your site. This is what you say about your website (text, copy, links, keyword density in copy and headline, meta tags, etc.) On page optimization used to be the primary place to work to obtain superior rankings in the search engine listings.

The page title is the number one on page factor that you need to focus on.
Page title tips:
Limit the length of your page title of 65 characters or less.
Incorporate keyword phrases into your page title.
Grab the searchers attention.
Each page should have a unique page title.
Repeat your title tag in your H1 tags.
Your title is the link that is shown in the search results of the search engine such as Google.
Focus on click through rates and conversion rates.

However, there are problems with on page optimization. If you want to rank for something people tend to exaggerate or lie to get traffic. This caused the results in the search engine to differ from the actual websites. Google knew this was a problem. Therefore, Google decided to focus on off page optimization.

2.) Off page optimization.
This has to do with what others say about your website. Google has determined that what others say about your website is more credible that what you say. These other people act as a credible referral.

Links are critical and Google measure your links. This gives Google a way to measure what your site is about. Incoming links count as a vote to determine the relevancy and popularity of your site. An incoming link is a link from another site to your site.

Examples of links include:
Blog post links
Press release links
Social network links
Text links


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The seo tools i always use

About page rank

Pagerank is an important part in seo, Pagerank make the position of your site, so if you want more people visit your site, then you should get high PR

There are so many tools can check google pagerank, like the one i alway used: http://ip4.bz, it is free and professional, you would learn much from it if you want to make a google Pagerank prediction tool.


About checking backlinks

Backlinks is very important in seo, if you have no backlinks, then you will have low PR, and the rank of your website in search engine will low and low, so you should always do some backlinks and check them.

Site explorer is a simple site to check your backlinks, and it will show you the detail of them.


About the web directory

I think if you are doing seo, the forum is not enough, blog and some web directory are needed. Web directory is a good way to make backlinks and share your sites to people , I do not know much about blog, but I know some good web directory, now share these for you

Top site is pr4, and if you add its link to your site, it will make some backlinks for you, it is very easy to submit your links to it. Needless to say, this one is famous

Topxsites is not very good, but it is easy to submit your link into it, i am looking to further increase it.


About similar sites

If you are doing seo, you should know that learn from your competition is a needed step. Then how to find your competiton? There is a tool:

Using some free online tool can easy find the similar sites, example, just insert the url, it will show you the similar sites that you want.

Find out your competiton, and use the tools above, check the PR, know where are the backlinks from, then do some backlinks in them, you will own something that you never have.



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Analyse tools of seo

SEO is a hard work, it needs a long time to build it. You should pay a lot of time, money and enery if you want success.

Ranking high in search engines is more important if you need organic traffic. How can we make it possible? There are countless things! If you want to start a successful SEO campaign, you should use a website SEO analysis tool first. It allows you understand the current status of your website including on-page optimization like design & content analysis, social media analysis, ranking analysis and other SEO metrics.


As internet marketing continues to grow, so too do the tools to measure its success. With the large number of website analysis and marketing analysis tools available it can be difficult to know which ones to choose and what information you will receive. To make your decision a little easier here are 5 of the best website analysis tools.

Site explorer is one of the most widely used and most effective website analysis tools available. By simply creating a account and embedding a code on your website you have a world of valuable statistics at your fingertips. Some of the statistics Google Analytics provides include:

  • Website traffic
  • Traffic sources
  • Social network referrals
  • Pay-per-click referrals
  • Visitor demographics
  • Sales conversions


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Does Alexa Rank Really Helps You?

As Alexa Rank is based on the toolbar data. All of the internet users don't have toolbar installed on their browser. Mostly Webmasters, Site owners, Advertisers have the toolbar installed. Therefore Alexa calculates the visitors amount by some formula like multiplying the daily visitors of a site recorded by Toolbar with a specific digit or similar calculation. And this is the point where Alexa fails, as everything based on calculation. The number of visitors calculated by Alexa may or may not be real. If it is the real number, that will be just a coincidence.

  • Alexa Rank can be manipulated by variuos ways. You can join some traffic exchange programs for this purpose. Most of the traffic exchange users uses Alexa toolbar as everyone knows about the Alexa Rank, & they want to decrease the rank too. There are various software programs to manipulate Alexa Rank too. But these shortcuts are not advisable.
  • Alexa Rank is helpful to attract Advertisers only. Lower the Alexa Rank higher the demand. But, sometimes it may not be true that, a website with significantly lower Alexa Rank receives higher traffic. Because, it rank can be manipulated. There are many websites with lower Alexa Rank but receives a huge number of traffic and vice versa.
  • Alexa Rank sometimes depends upon the niche of the Blog/Website. For example, Rank of a website with niche 'SEO Strategy' will be much lower than a niche 'Literature'. Because most of the the visitors of the first one will have Alexa Toolbar installed on their browsers.
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The dofollow website directory that i know


Newly updated High Page Rank Directory  of May month 2013, these are the new US And U.K. Directory, My previous US and  U.K Directory  post was high page rank and also Instant approval Directory list , I update my high pr Directory  regularly, whenever new sites are coming, Directory is important technique in link building , if we submit on proper sites we can get good traffic and dofollow backlinks also , the next is the dofollow website directory that i know, now share these with you.( the direct link one is my favorite)

Or this one: web directory is really good too, you may try these all to find which one is the best to you.


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Web Directory

An internet directory within its easiest form could be looked at as a human being indexed internet search engine. Humans can go to a directory web site and help to make resource suggestions with an online type. A human being editor may review the actual suggestion as well as add it towards the directory supplied it fulfills the distribution guidelines for that directory.

Common vs. Web Directories

There tend to be two major kinds of web directories on the web, general as well as niche. A common web directory may have its assets sorted into a lot of categories covering an array of topics. Niche internet directories tend to pay attention to one topic with assets sorted right into a smaller quantity of highly associated categories.

Reason for Web Sites

The major reason for an internet directory would be to provide listing users having a categorized listing of high quality websites from the chosen area or business. With the actual advent of search engines like Google as the most well-liked method with regard to finding web resources the significance of sites as info providers offers diminished. However, as internet search engine technology and also the field of seo have developed, a brand new use with regard to web sites has materialized.

Sites and Hyperlink Popularity

Current search engine results positioning algorithms place an enormous importance on back-links to an internet site as a good indicator associated with its importance on the web (referred to as link recognition). Research engine’s worth links in order to websites through web sites because these types of directories possess human publishers. Having your site listed inside a respected internet directory is definitely an indicator to the various search engines that your site has met a particular standard with regard to quality and it is a website worth connecting to.

Search engine’s also often serve upward category WebPages from trustworthy web directories close to the top of the search outcomes so your website detailed in as numerous high quality web directories as possible should participate any online marketing plan, particularly when your web site is brand new.

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How to choose the best directory?

How do you choose the right web directory for your web site? All web directories look the same, what is the difference?

There are a number of factors for choosing the right web directory for your website. Today we will look at these factors to find the best web directory for your company.

Therefore, the company now has two options to drive new traffic to their site:
1.Start writing and be prepared for the long haul to get the qualified traffic from Google search and other venues.
2.Leverage other websites to garner traffic faster.

Take for example, a retail organization that sets up a new blog. While the company might be established offline, more than likely this is a new method of driving traffic to their retail outlet.

More importantly, you also build up your search credentials to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. While search algorithms are not as highly focused on links as they were a few years ago, backlinks from other sites are still an important part of the search algorithm for the major engines.

For most businesses, the blog is a method of driving in traffic to their business, not a business in and of itself. This means a company who wants to use a blog should leverage a web directory to drive in qualified traffic faster.

Using a web directory like Dmoz.Org, Manta, or Aviva Web Directory, they can speed up their approach to driving in traffic. Aviva Directory has been around since 2005. A new retail blog can work with a company like Aviva that, and leverage their 8 years of experience looking for your ideal prospects.

The key here is quality sites. Do not focus on every web directory, focus in on the relevant, few web directories that are quality sites. These sites have the most traffic, and offer you the highest reward for your site.

So, what is the best web directory for your needs? The reality is that you need to determine what your needs are in a web directory first. This might be a cyclical, political answer, but it is also true. Going back to Aviva, even they have two parts to their directory. They have one directory for websites and one for blogs. They are two similar types of sites, but completely different purposes. Understanding which one works best for your needs is crucial in determining your success with web directories.

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How to find your competition in seo?

The internet is more and more popular, and there are so many sites in it, if you are an admin of a site, you will know how difficult it is to promote you site. Ip decide the money you earn form your site.

Why the same site and same product, the others is better than mine? and why they can earn money, i always lose my money?

I want to ask you a question, do you know your competiton much?

Probably you even do not know who is your competiton.

I will tell you how to find your competiton of your site now, just do follow me.

Step 1: Find the similar sites with yours

Similar site is a good way to study, using some tools to find them, example, just insert your url into it, it will show you the similar sites with yours.

Step 2: analyse the similar sites

Analyse the similar sites, know its PR, where the backlinks from? the content and so on

Step 3: doing something

Learning the difference between your sites, and do more backlinks in where your competition do. Later, you will see the result.







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Web Directory Advantages and Benefits

We know web directories are catalogs of site links classified subject or topic wise. Why do they exist and how does listing with these directories benefit you, is what this article will help you understand.

Well directories exist because they provide the same service as a search engine but with a small difference. Directories classify the sites in categories and present it to the user, making it more easy for the user to find the most relevant sites.

Some of the directory advantages and benefits to the user and to you are:

1. Some directories provide more local and hence relevant information. For e.g. if a user is just planning a small party and is searching for caterers then, a local directory will present more relevant results to him and therefore he would search for the relevant information on a web directory than a global search engine. You need to be where your customer is. Exploit this directory advantage to reach your prospective customer. Listing with a web directory does not cost much and hence you should definitely do it.

2. Search engines normally accept almost any site or page that is submitted to them irrespective of it’s quality. All sites submitted to directories are reviewed by humans, poor sites don’t stand a good chance to get accepted and hence directories provide quality output to the user. This directory benefit works in favor of building users loyalty towards the directory. As I mentioned earlier you need to be where your prospective customer is. Take benefit of this directory advantage to promote your website.

3. Some web directories provide more diversely classified list of sites for only one category. This directory advantage leads the user searching for information on various topics in the same category to prefer visiting a web directory instead of a search engine. For e.g. if you search for ‘south Indian recipes’ the search engine results will list down even those sites which probably just have a page or two giving south Indian recipes, this will lead the user to get less relevant results. Whereas if he visits a cooking directory he can see the broad categories of recipes a particular site offers and hence gets a better view to choose the right site. He can choose a site specifically dedicated for south Indian recipes. This directory advantage is true for any scenario.

4. Traffic visiting your site via a web directory benefits you more. Your visitors to sales ratio is likely to be good in comparison to the one from a search engine. This is because the visitor has already chosen your site basis the site description he read in the directory, unlike a visitor from a search engine who visits your site to check what you have to offer. For e.g. if a user searching for a Sony phone dealer has searched for ‘Sony’ in a search engine and your site appears in the result as you sell Sony music systems then he may visit your page since it appeared in the search results but he is not your target prospective customer. So in a way web directories benefit you by supplying filtered traffic to your site. So you have a visitor looking for the specific product you are offering and not a visitor who has reached your site by searching for a broader keyword.

5. The most important directory advantage or benefit of listing with several directories is ‘link building’. The more directories you are listed with the higher are your chances for a better ranking in the search engine result. Although search engine provide less quality traffic, it is still as we all know very much important because the number of users searching information via a search engine is higher than specific directories.

So now that you know the web directory advantages and benefits, you need to gather more information on which directories you should list with and how can you do that? You will actually need some in-depth knowledge about available important directories and their process for listing sites. You may really not be able to get reliable data at hand by doing some research on the topics yourself. Best way to go about listing your site with directories is contacting a website and search engine optimization company. They will ensure a hassle free process at very reasonable rates.

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Top 10 SEO Checklist

Everyone has that laundry list of items that goes by the way side to make room for bigger and more seemingly important tasks. But sometimes, that list is composed of items that will make up the foundation for those more important tasks. Sure, grocery shopping doesn’t seem THAT important, but what are you going to do when you open the fridge at 8 p.m. and only moldy cheese and flat soda stare back at you?

For all the SEO experts in the world, there is where a strategy comes in handy. Take an hour to sit down and prioritize your workload and remember that the basics can make or break your approach. This list will help you get on the right track, whether you’re starting from scratch, or diving headfirst into an ongoing client’s SEO.

1. First things first, start with domain resolution. Does your domain resolve to one domain or many? Does it use www or non-www? If your site uses the non-www version, and doesn’t 301 redirect for its www and pagename versions, Google now thinks it has two sites.

2. Sitemaps. Does your site have one? Is it submitted to Webmaster Tools? Do you update it regularly or after you add new content? If you don’t have a sitemap, your site will still get indexed, but this map tells Google where all indexable pages are located, so it’s imperative that you routinely update yours.

3. Robots.txt File: Google informs us that “while Google won’t crawl or index the content of pages blocked by robots.txt, we may still index URLs if we find them on other pages on the web. As a result, the URL of the page, and potentially, other publicly avail/able information such as anchor text in links to the site can appear in Google search results.”

Robots.txt files are meant to prevent crawling and indexing on site content, not indexing of page information and won’t block your pages from being found.

4. Google hates duplicate content so be sure to check your site thoroughly. Just because your content is 100% original, doesn’t mean that someone out there hasn’t scraped your site or stolen some of your work. Copyscape is a quick and easy way to check for duplicate content and you can even search by specific page.

5. Site Crawls are extremely important and will provide you with a complete site-wide analysis (Screaming Frog is my recommended tool) and help you answer questions such as:

  • How many of your links are broken? This includes links coming into your site, going out, images, etc.
  • Are your redirects working properly?
  • Are your meta descriptions too short? Too long? Duplicate?
  • Same goes for your title tags – keep them concise and to the point. Cut out unnecessary words (as if, a, an) if you can
  • Anchor text format
  • Alt text

Screaming Frog will crawl your entire site and categorize it ranging from response codes, page titles and meta descriptions to H1s & H2s, as well as the character count for applicable categories.

6. Page speed: This may be something that tends to be overlooked, but page speed is incredibly important. Google has a page speed tool and assigns ratings to each page so be sure to check your analytics values. Users are likely to abandon a page when the download takes anywhere from above a second to 4 seconds and rankings almost always improve when their page score is above a 90, so be sure you’re keeping tabs on your page speed.

7. Content, content, and more content. I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase “content is king” and anyone who doesn’t believe it will find out the hard way. Make sure your content is informative, UNIQUE, relevant, and updated on a daily schedule. Don’t keep up events for the month of June on your site when August is in full swing. Ask yourself if you were visiting the site, would you want to read what you’re posting? If you’re finding that you’d be bored out of your mind or confused by the lack of relevancy, start over with a new approach.

Helpful tip: be sure your content is no longer than 600-700 words!

8. Canonicalization: Going hand in hand with content, let’s talk about your canonical tags. These are important because they tell Google that the content you’ve posted is indeed yours and that any duplicate pages on your site are really copies of an original page. As of right now, this is the only way that Google can be told who owns what content.

9. Usability in a blink: Will users be able to navigate their way around your page without getting confused and giving up? It’s been said that you have less than 3 milliseconds to establish trust with users and about the same amount of time for them to establish what your site is all about.

Highlight the most important site paths and ask yourself simple questions like does this make my site better for search engines? Does this inform users? Does this improve my site functionality? Do some standard housekeeping around your site and chances are your site visits will increase.

10. Google Analytics Tool & Webmaster Tools. No matter what, set up Google Analytics right away. Setting up Google and Bing Webmaster Tools is a cinch when you use your Analytics login information to verify and complete the setup. Having information like the number of site crawl errors, how many pages are being indexed, and what queries are used to find your site will be incredibly useful to you throughout the duration of your SEO efforts. Do yourself a favor and check Webmaster Tools and Analytics as often as you can, even if that’s every day. You won’t regret it.

If you take the time to factor these 10 steps into your SEO approach, you’ll find yourself with a strong foundation that will help you optimize a website’s presence, position, health, and authority. SEO offers very little instant gratification, but if you implement the above strategies, you’ll slowly but surely begin to see the results you’ve been aiming for and can continue down the road to SEO glory. What are some of your favorite tips for your site’s SEO?

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Benefits of Web Directory Submission

There are so many criterion's that search engines follow to determine a site’s rank for certain key or search words. One of these includes links to the site. The page rank of a site is directly related to the number of links it has. The more links you have pointed to your site, with some variation of the key phrase you want to rank high for, the better ranking in the search engines you will receive.


Relationship between web directory submissions and search engine rankings


One way links and search engine rankings have a great cause and effect relationship. Think of it as a business referral system. The business with the more referrals is most popular and hence, search engines rank them higher. The reason behind it, as many put it, is that the more links you have, higher are the chances of a visitor coming to your site through these links!


Again, the search engines send out spiders to the links they find in the directory pages. This will bring the search engine spiders to your site and will get your site pages added to the search engines indexes automatically.


In future, the new search engines will also follow the same procedure. Hence, you won’t have to register to them, rather they will find you themselves!


You can also improve your sales!


Again, many people actually do surf these directories to look for the things they want. So they will also act as a medium to bring in your prospective customer to your site.


Thus directory submission has three major benefits, which makes it indispensable tool of online marketing.


1. Higher Position In The Search Engine Results (Google, Yahoo, Bing)


2. Web Site Indexed


3. Click Through Traffic


So that is something one should focus on if they are interested in increasing the rankings and traffic of their site. Many sites who offer submission service, claim to submit your link in more than 65000 directories (mind you, few even claim the figure to be around 5,00,000!). But one should remember that submitting a link and getting it listed in the directory is not the same thing. It is like an auction, you don not win merely by bidding. Others will just bid for you.


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How Web Directories Support Search Engine Optimization


There are many ways one could introduce and market their products online. One of the most effective ways to get your business known to a wide range of people is through a business web directory. Also called link directory, a web directory works similar to a search engine. However, it does not display search results or web pages based on the fundamentals of keywords. A web directory displays search results for websites based on categories and subcategories. Most of the people find these web directories reliable to search for websites of their own interests. They find it easy to search the relevant websites through these directories.

Keeping the above into consideration, businesses find it as a great tool to maximize their traffic and sales. This happens because these web directories are linked to search engines in various ways. These can optimize their listed websites on search engines and can direct more traffic toward them. Because of a strong relationship between a web directory and search engine, your listed website on a web directory can appear higher in the search engine results. Since appearing on top would mean more visitors, it can lead to more conversions and sales too. Thus, joining a web directory can increase your chances manifold to have better business opportunities.

There are several good web directories, such as, which can make your business search engine optimized. Once you have joined one such web directory, there are greater chances for you to advertise your products and services, as you would automatically receive a higher rank on the web search. Web directories usually provide you an option to submit your listing with them according to the category or subcategory of business you run. Once you have done that, other people can find your business when they conduct searches on this directory. Thus, go online and explore your business options in a more beneficial way with these web directories.

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Web Directories For SEO

If you are looking for ways to promote your website, than web directories should definitely be considered a big part of your promotional plan. Web directories provide web visitors with a one- stop destination on the web to find the information they are looking for. Further, in using web directories, you can increase the visibility of your website and derive myriad benefits offered by web directories.

Let?s take a look at the benefits that webmasters derive from web directories:

1. Some webmasters might wonder why they should bother to submit to web directories when 80% of all website traffic comes from search engines. The answer is simple when you consider the following: what about the other 20%? When you are attempting to maximize the traffic that comes to your website, every little bit of promotion helps and web directories can help you gain a big chuck of that 20% of web traffic you have been missing out on.

2. Did you know that a key factor in the ranking algorithm of search engines is link popularity? By using web directories you will be creating more links that point directly to your site and the higher your ranking becomes in various search engines across the Internet. Further, everyone knows that a higher search engine ranking is equivalent to easier accessibility and easier accessibility equals more traffic for your website.

3. The first way to increase your link popularity is to include keywords in your hyperlinks. When you submit to web directories, the links you submit should not only lead to your site, but also should possess themed keywords within the links. The themed keywords will not only make your site easier to find, it will also increase the rating of your links in various search engines?again getting more, free web traffic for you.

4. Links that are created within web directories are votes for a site and they use your keywords within your hyperlinks to associate your link with certain key phrases. As such, the keywords you select are extremely important because they determine how often your links will be pulled up whenever a key phrase is associated with your created links. Therefore, It is a good idea to research the most popular keywords associated with your website theme before submitting your website to various web directories: the most popular keywords can make all of the difference in the world.


5. If you are submitting to various web directories, there are a few things that you need to consider. First, for a directory to be valuable, the pages you submit your listings to must, at minimum, be listed in various search engines. For instance, if you submit your links to a web directory that doesn?t appear in any search engines, chances are web visitors will not only have difficulty finding your website, but they will also have extreme difficulty finding the web directory you have listed your site in. In such cases, the listing in the web directory is a fruitless endeavor. Conversely, if you list your web site in several popular web directories and you utilize keywords in your hyperlink and short website description, you greatly increase the visibility and accessibility of your website.

6. The second consideration you must keep in mind when submitting to web directories is that when you are submitting your hyperlinks, you will derive the most benefit from submitting to directory pages that have a comparable theme to your website. For instance, if you have a website that is based on credit cards you will find that you get more web traffic from a web directory page that focuses on credit cards. Thus, when searching for web directories, look for web directories with topics that parallel the central focus of your website.

7. Here?s a quick tip for you that can help you derive the most benefit from listing your hyperlink in web directories: watch out for Google Adwords as these are a good indicator of how Google at least categorizes the page. In other words, if you mirror your hyperlinks and descriptions to appear much like those seen in Google ads, you will more than likely increase your search engine ranking as well as your listing in various web directories.

8. In order to be successfully listed in any web directory, you will need to conform to the terms and conditions of the directory. Typically, web directories list a series of specific listing regulations that you must adhere to and it would pay for you to adhere to them. In addition, to improve the chances of your listing being accepted you should try to avoid promotional language and you should choose a category that is as close to your website theme as possible.

9. Webmasters have much to look forward to in terms of web directory posting. In fact, the next generations of web directories are now appearing that allows business card type pages. Not only do webmasters get the opportunity to post a short description of there website, but now they are afforded the opportunity to display their logo and contact information as well. Such offerings prove to be particularly appealing because eye catching logos and easy contact information will make a Webmaster?s website that much more appealing.

10. In the end, web directories are a valuable part of your web promotional program and should not be overlooked in terms of their value. Along with the use of search engines, and article databases, a Webmaster will be pleasantly surprised at the free advertising available on the Internet. Finally, the increase in web traffic that webmasters will reap is truly astonishing indeed.

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