Foreign trade: the potential of email marketing knowledge

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing, a business message or offer by any company to a large email list of potential buyers and customers using email.

For many years, email marketing is one of the most useful tools  in foreign trade . It has a number of advantages, such as relatively low cost, customers can easily go to your website to browse and buy, and so on. For these reasons, e-mail has become a tool for many power companies to get high returns.

If a customer has bought something from you, or is already interested in your product, then  email marketing is relatively easier.

However, if you want to reach new customers and open new outlets in an e-mail message, that is what happens?

Then we describes  six main points to develop new customers by email:


1, email marketing is an investment

If we can gain new customers through email everytime, so we are on troubles like this. However, the fact is that (in the case of most of the marketing channel) for the cost of a new customer, often more than you get from the customer  for the first time. We have prepared enough on this point. However, the development of new customers is the key point, subsequent proceeds and resulting from these new customers could return. A Word, before starting the e-mail marketing, to draw up a budget and you want to have a relatively achievable expectations.


2, after a message is received, reaction of potential customers is different from  existing customers

We hardly ever hear of such a thing: when we were sent to a strange e-mail subscribers after an email, then received his orders, unless your company is a well-known brand, and gives a very attractive offer, this will happen. A initial contacts into customer processes like dancing, you must systematically design steps of their own.

Relative to you both of customers,  you  customers may directly points open mail and buy , and you first contact of potential customers may will into you  website browse content, however for procurement conditions compared survey, see you with other suppliers has what different, then he may left , but as long as you to he produced has good of impression, he also may through Google search again into you of website after.


3, email marketing takes a lot of time

Successfully develop new customers by email, it may take you months of time, messages and if you implement a systematic outreach program to develop new customers and takes longer. During this process, you have to continually weighs the content of traditional email marketing activities, optimize, improve the content, while focusing on considerations to several elements, test, modify:

Message subject;


Deployment time;

As soon as you send e-mail to a customer for the first time there is a low probability of success. So, you send us an email to continue the process of observation, test, modify some of the content, but also keep repeating these behaviors. Only in this way, your email marketing plan will only become stronger. In addition, when you have one or two times after setbacks, do not give up easily, this is crucial.


4, sustainability is key

As soon as you discover your email feature took effect, so that a potential customer into a customer, so you have to keep repeating to try this. Some attempt might be more effective than the other, remember them, and continued to implement them.


5, through analytical tools to track trends

A new customer purchasing habits might have looked very different. For us, tracking a new customer purchasing habits is much more difficult. I have found, named "matchback" analysis tool to work, the analysis tool can open show potential customers what kind of promotional messages. At the same time, we can also associate him with the same time compares customer who places the order for the first time, and have found some patterns. In General, we cannot directly through the link and code to track sales, however matchback appears it solved the problem.


6, potential customers are leaving before he can

Many potential customers browsing your website for the first time, only comparison in order to make purchases, they may be leaving soon, and not like existing customers on your website in the search for new content or visit regularly. Therefore, you need to use all means as much as possible, converting those visitors into your customers.