Counting SEO hot topics

Move to new server is impact on rankings

1. Move to new server is  impact on rankings?

Official response: in principle, it will not. Unless the new server is too bad, usually access failures or server is  moved  from China to foreign countries, which are likely to be harmonized.

Website notice:

(1) frequently within a short time to change domains,or swap between the secondary domain,and second-level domains, URL rules change frequently, and so on;


(2) without setting a 301 jump between new and old Web pages or within a very short space of time stopped 301 jump;


(3) the old page cannot be accessed within a short time;


(4) the submitted website without AdSense platform or submitted for a long time after.


Under normal circumstances, website on its performance in the search engines will produce a couple of losses, when these issues arise, it will magnify this loss, this is our webmasters and site owners do not want to see, therefore, I hope that webmasters:


(1) caution, website, believed to be necessary for cases;


(2) 301 jump between old and new website definitely relationship and the relationship between old and new content and jump for a while until the new Web crawling, recording and sorting to a relatively stable and in good condition;


(3) when you are prepared for the website please login webmaster platform website tool to submit relevant data.


2. gzip compression on the Web site of the site collection and the weights are not affected?


Official reply: gzip for intake and weight has no effect. Impact on the search engine only, crawler speed fast. Contrary is currently being promoted, fast Web site available to more users and search engines favor and station platforms encourage webmasters to use gzip compression tuning recommendations, enhance website speeds.


3. analysis of CSS style sheets and identify whether Baidu can crawl?


Official response: Baidu is able to crawl and analyze the CSS.


4. the website is been black led to k station on how to handle?


Description: site 9.19 in malicious attacks, it is added to a lot of bad information, Baidu afterwards. Site staff cleaned up that information in a timely manner, but Baidu 10.17 k site. Formal site for industrial classes, and no record of cheating. How to handle?


Official response: after malicious hackers attacked Web sites, insert a lot of cheating in your Web site content. Hackers insert bad information as soon as possible and returns 404 code when Baiduspider crawl this content, so that we can quickly find the site has returned to normal.