Top 5 free SERP checker tool

Recently I was reading an interesting post on SEOMoz on Click Through Rates in Google SERPs for Different Types of Queries.

Recently I was reading an interesting post on SEOMoz on Click Through Rates in Google SERPs for Different Types of Queries.The author had built a database of 14,507 queries(product queries, general queries & brand queries), their CRTs and average positions.He has shown that for a particular keyword if your blog is even on 10th position then you will have 10% CTR.

So all you need is to secure top 10 position for most of your keywords.But before that you need to know actual current position of your keywords.You can easily understand that you can never secure top 10 position for all of your keywords.Because for some keywords competition will be too tough to beat or it will take huge time.But for some keywords you can easily secure top 10 or even top 3 position.So once you know how your blog is ranking for your targeted keywords on search engines and how tough competition is for those keywords then you can easily have an idea which keywords to focus more.If you spend some decent time on off page SEO of these keywords then you can definitely secure better SERP for those keywords.

So first thing first.These 5 tools will help you to find SERP of your keywords.You need such a tool that will give you the ability to search from different data centers of Google.Because your keywords will have different SERP for different data-centers.

1)Whats My SERP-

This is one of the best free online SERP checker tool.You can choose different Google servers to check your SERP for different keywords.One good feature of this tool is that it shows top 10 results for that keyword.So you can easily assume the competition for that keyword.Another very important feature of this SERP checker tool is that it measures your keyword performance over a period.So when you check SERP for that keyword on a later period you can easily know current SERP ,previous SERP and also best SERP of that keyword.

2)Search Position Finder-

Search position finder is another free SERP finder tool.The best feature of this tool is its simplified just have to provide your site URL and keyword to get SERP. But one problem of this tool is that you can not search from different data-centers of Google.

3)SERP Rank-

You can get SERP of your keywords for Google,Yahoo,Bing at the same time using this tool.You can also check for multiple keywords at the same time.

4)What Page of Search Am I On -

This SERP checker tool gives you the ability to check SERP for multiple keywords simultaneously.Another cool feature is you can choose different data centers of Google.But to check your SERP you have to give particular article URL instead of site URL which is not good.

5)Search Engine Ranking-

This free SERP checker tool by Mike checks for only top 10 (Google), top 50 (Yahoo!), top 10 (Bing) position for your given keyword.So if your blog ranks more than that you will not be able to track that using this tool.You can also see your SERP search history using this tool.

What of these free SERP checker tools are your favorite?Do you use any other tool to check your SERP? Share with us.