Find Similar Websites to Your Favourite Website


There must have been times when you visit a website, like it and want to explore more sites on that topic. Now, the conventional way of doing this would involve in-depth googling about the topic, searching multiple pages of results, but without any guaranteed result. What we would want is someone who can give us the list of websites which share a common topic or which are broadly similar to other websites. There are sites which are dedicated for this purpose, and MoreSitesLike is one of them, which can be very handy.

As the name suggests, helps you find similar websites to your favorite websites that you visit often. As mentioned, using normal search may return you with a result or two, but is not likely to be as effective as presenting you with a list of such websites.

There is more than a reason to find similar websites to your topic of choice! From a blogger’s point of view, you should be looking to expand your horizon and gain more knowledge on that subject. With this, you come to know about blogs you probably never heard of before and thus you may find useful information that is closely related to your blog. You are bound to find new topics that you can add to your blog.

Secondly, this can make you aware about competitors in your niche. As a blogger, this is important since you get to know more people and expand your links. With this also comes the possibility of increasing traffic to your blog.